Witch Hunt

- A classic JRPG -

In a formerly peaceful village, mysterious incidents are taking place.

The climax is reached when one night five of the villagers disappear.

The mayor gives you the task of investigating what happened.


- Challenging puzzles & battles

- RPG typic dungeons

- High-class boss encounters

- A compelling and unique tale

- An appealing soundtrack

- Classic RPG elements:
levels, equipment, consumables and much more


Witch Hunt RPG - Fire Dungeon Screenshot
Witch Hunt RPG - Forest Screenshot
Witch Hunt RPG - Ice Dungeon Screenshot
Witch Hunt RPG - Greenhill Village Screenshot
Witch Hunt RPG - Fire Dungeon Screenshot
Witch Hunt RPG - Mine Screenshot
Witch Hunt RPG - Forest Cave Screenshot


"I just loaded this up... I've got to say -- I've never quite seen a webgame look so beautiful and compelling. I'm going to play this completely through."

- u/tr1st4n, reddit user

"This is very well-done. The game is pretty, and the story draws you in."

- u/pheen0, reddit user

"Amazing game. Story, characters, in battle mechanics, and that nostalgia effect from the jrpgs... 10/10 on the demo."

- u/BleedingWithPassion, reddit user


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